FAQ/Acupuncture for Pets

LunarPoodle Veterinary Services: In Home Mobile Veterinary Care in the Seattle WA area for acupuncture, vaccinations, exams, microchipping and more!

Specializing in Veterinary Acupuncture!

Q: What can veterinary acupuncture do for my pet?

A: Acupuncture can help pets with arthritis, digestive issues, chronic illnesses, itchy skin, asthma, anxiety, and can provide immune support. These and other veterinary ailments can be treated with acupuncture in combination with traditional western medicine.

Q: You can do acupuncture in animals?

A: Absolutely! Many conditions respond well to acupuncture, and many pets find it relaxing as well. I can provide integrated therapies combining western and traditional Chinese medicine for both dogs and cats in their own home. See a video here.

Q: Why LunarPoodle Veterinary Services?

A: LunarPoodle Veterinary Services is a mobile service. You can schedule a checkup at home. Let me do the traveling – not your pet!

Q: Where do you provide services?

A: I provide veterinary care in the North Seattle, South Snohomish County & East King County areas. Call to inquire for others!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Initial exams in your home or office are $110; additional fees depend on the treatments needed, and I offer a multi-pet discount. Wellness and treatment care packages are available; please call for details. An estimate will be provided before treatment is undertaken.

Q: Can you provide a phone consultation?

A: While I will likely ask a few questions before my visit, I cannot diagnose or provide veterinary advice by phone.

Q: What are the dangers of feline and canine obesity? They so like their treats - aren’t prescriptions food expensive?

A: Just like in humans, obesity contributes to many other diseases. Controlling obesity is a first step in maintaining your pet’s health…and health care costs. I will recommend an affordable, realistic plan to maintain a healthy feeding program for your pet.

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